Why Choose Us

Benefits of an Auction

  • An auction is a very effective way of maximizing your fundraising efforts, and will typically generate the most income at your fundraising event.
  • An auction can be the funnest part of your event. Save money on the DJ or the band – we are the entertainment.
  • An auction will help build a long lasting relationship with your community. It can celebrate your accomplishments while building the future of your organization.
  • An auction can provide high visibility as your signature event. You can solidify your mission statement, gain notoriety and benefit your cause.
  • Your live auction is the easiest way to exceed your fundraising goals.

Why Choose David Sobon Auctions?

  • We are experts in the art of fundraising. We are non-profit specialists and trained fundraising professionals. We know the ins and outs of benefit auctioneering and are committed to being the very best in the industry. Founder David Sobon is a member of the National Auctioneers Association (NAA) and educates other fundraising professionals and auctioneers.
  • We adopt your cause. We don’t just show up and do a job – we take the time to understand your organization’s goals. By passionately adopting your cause, we will engage your audience, your board, and your staff. Your guests will know that we care about your mission, because we do.
  • We are experienced. With hundreds of successful events under our belt, there is no need for you to “reinvent the wheel.” We have been perfecting our craft for over a decade. You can count on us for proven results.
  • We are professionals. We treat every one of our clients, both large and small, as important business partners. We treat you with respect, arrive on time and prepared for every meeting and engagement, and always display the utmost in professionalism while working at your event.
  • We believe image is everything. Any person that speaks at your event is a representative of your organization. What sort of image do you want your benefit auctioneer to project about your cause? Our reputation is impeccable, we dress to impress, and our stage presence is both polished and well-practiced.
  • We bring fresh ideas to your organization. One advantage of working on hundreds of different events is the ideas that are created together. We can share those ideas and experiences with you to benefit your unique cause. From event themes and extras, to logistics and auction item acquisition, we are an unlimited resource at your team’s disposal.
  • We are customer focused. When you need answers, you get them. Whether your questions are via email, text or phone, we make a point of responding quickly. We will communicate with you every step of the way. We make you our priority, resulting in a smooth and successful event.
  • We understand your challenges. We take the stress out of your event. When you have concerns, we are there for you. We’ve just about seen it all, which allows us to proactively address challenges and calmly trouble shoot almost any situation that arises.
  • We are fun! It’s contagious! Your guests will feel the passion, energy, and enthusiasm we exude, and they will feel it too. When they are having an absolute blast, they will be happy to spend their time and money on your cause, and share their positive experience with others.

Our Auction System

  • David Sobon Auctions has an innovative and proven system for achieving and even surpassing your fundraising goals.
  • As a special offer, we are providing the valuable DSA System white paper free of charge to any organization that makes an appointment with DSA to discuss their upcoming event.
  • This white paper details the steps that DSA has developed to ensure hundreds of successful fundraising events.
  • To receive your complimentary DSA Auction System white paper, contact us today to schedule your appointment!