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“Breast Health for Life!”

Upfront with Breast Health

Revive Therapy is promoting “Breast Health for Life!” Focusing on breast health is a positive approach to health, healing, femininity and living a full life! Engage in healthy life practices, including professional breast health care.

Breasts are often ignored but cancer and disease cannot be ignored. Stress, tight bras, inactivity and environmental toxins are significant health risks. Take a proactive approach to chest health! Instead of ignoring the chest or doing monthly breast self exams (looking for cancer!), be positive about your health. You can reduce body aches, improve movement, limit disease and live a more vibrant life!

Healthy Life Practices Improve Overall Health
Diet. Maintaining a healthy diet is important for preventing cancer. Whole grain foods, less fat and generous amounts of fruits and vegetables improve health. Environmental contaminants (in air, water and food) should be avoided, if possible.
Exercise. Motion is potion! Exercise increases circulation, enhances heart health, improves muscle tone, and reduces pain. Arm movement and stretching improve breast lymph flow and chest health. Stay within a healthy BMI.
Stress Management. Stress promotes disease and dysfunction, especially in the chest. Chest muscles and fascia tighten, which can cause upper body pain, decreased movement and restricted lymphatic flow. The sympathetic nervous system has been connected to breast cancer metastasis in restricted tissue.
Posture. Good posture can improve your health. Activities, habits and insecurity may contribute to poor posture and forward shoulders. This contributes to upper body pain, limited movement, impaired circulation and impaired lymph flow. Better posture brings better health!
Proper Bra Sizing. Bra tightness is common and a risk to breast health. Bra sales may focus on cosmetic appearance instead of comfort and health. Proper bra sizing allows good circulation and lymphatic flow.
Daily Self Breast Massage. Performing daily massage of your own breasts is fast, easy and effectively improves breast tissue health. This involves opening the lymph area under the arm and massaging your breast tissue.

Proper Posture
We are in a “forward” society, performing tasks leaning forward and driven to accomplish more. Our head, neck and shoulders can become restricted in a forward position restricting movement, causing pain and restricting healthy circulation in the breasts. Revive Therapy offers holistic solutions to posture focusing on alignment, function, comfort and health.

Proper Bra Sizing
Tight bras and underwires have been correlated to a higher rate of breast cancer. Lingerie sales promote lifting breasts up and inward for appearance. Tight bras and underwires restrict circulation in the breast tissue and restrict lymphatic flow that maintains breast tissue health. Your bras should not be tight or have wires. Revive Therapy can assess bra tightness by checking your lymphatic flow while wearing your bra to determine if it is restrictive.

Daily Breast Care - Self Massage
Daily self-massage is easy and effective for good breast health. You can relieve breast pain, reduce lumps and fibrocystic areas, and improve tissue consistency. The most important points of breast massage is to open lymphatic area in the arm pit (axilla) and massage the breast tissue. This allows natural cleansing of the tissue, filtration of debris and removing congested fluid and toxins. See the PHAST resource below, a simple guide to breast self massage.

Holistic measures will improve your breast health and should reduce your risk of breast cancer. Genetics is a major risk factor, so if you have a family history of breast cancer, then you should be more diligent about screening and holistic care. Environmental toxins seem connected with breast cancer risk indicating the importance of being healthy and minimizing toxin exposure. Stress may be the greatest risk to breast health, and every aspect of disease prevention. You can improve your breast health through diet, exercise, stress management, proper bra sizing, self massage and professional breast therapy.

Hazards to Chest Health
Family History. Genetics is a leading health risk. If you have a family history of breast cancer, follow screening protocols and you may find great benefit from holistic health measures and professional breast therapy.
Environment Toxins. We are surrounded by unhealthy chemical in our air, water and food. You should minimize this risk when possible.
Stress. Stress is not only correlated with most diseases but research has also shown a connection with stress and unhealthy breast tissue and metastasis. Stress management is very important to breast health.
Bra Tightness. Studies have shown a high correlation between tight bras and excessive time that bras are worn. Tight bras and underwires restrict circulation and lymphatic flow, thereby compromising breast health. You should find bras with enough support that are not restrictive or have wires.
Posture. Good posture brings better health. “Forward” posture results from habit, forward activities or self-image, which restricts chest tissues and impair function. Headaches, upper body pain and