Cosmetic Surgery

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Therapy for Cosmetic Surgery

Therapy for Cosmetic Surgery

Cosmetic surgery and body sculpting procedures is increasing in popularity, including liposuction, tummy tuck, breast reconstruction and facial surgeries. Lymphatic drainage massage is a common recommendation by cosmetic surgeons following cosmetic procedures because it has been shown to improve healing by reducing pain, swelling, and tissue fibrosis. Myofascial release, Craniosacral therapy and skilled massage therapy expedites healing and recovery to optimum function. The RN-Therapist at Revive Therapy not only has extensive bodywork training for surgical patients but has surgical experience as a nurse in the hospital, medical office and ambulatory surgery center.

Preoperative Massage includes relaxation, tissue preparation, and preoperative assessments. Steve Metzger, RN-CMT is an experienced RN and will provide invaluable information to help you with your surgery preparation and recovery.

Immediate postoperative therapy involves assessment (by RN), stress reduction, very light therapy per surgeon protocol and other appropriate therapy. Postoperative sessions will involve progressive therapy for your surgical healing, scar therapy, pain reduction, release of restricted tissue, improved mobilization and decreased swelling. Focus moves from successful surgical healing to restoration to life functions.

Surgeon protocols are always honored and you will receive skilled and expert support for soft tissue healing for the best surgical results. Consult your surgeon about recommendations or preferences for massage therapy. Revive Therapy offers an RN-Therapist with extensive medical and surgical experience, even management of a surgery center.

Lymphatic drainage massage therapy is probably the most effective therapy after surgery. Swelling and tissue congestion is expected with most surgeries. Lymphatic drainage therapy not only decreases swelling but activates natural immunity. Scars and adhesions also benefit from lymphatic work.

Myofascial Release (MFR) is highly beneficial to relieve pain, improve movement, facilitate tissue healing and reduce superficial scars, as well as deeper adhesions. Many other parts of the body get restricted after surgery from limited movement and MFR is excellent therapy to reduce pain and restore function and body balance.
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Abdominal surgery is increasingly popular, from minimally invasive procedures such as liposuction treatments to extensive bariatric procedures. Lymphatic drainage massage is a common recommendation by surgeons because it has been shown to improve healing by reducing pain, swelling, and tissue fibrosis.

Liposuction and Fat Transfers
Liposuction selectively removes fat (adipose tissue), usually for cosmetic reasons. These procedures usually separate tissue layers under the skin, temporarily expand the space with saline and remove fat through a vacuum technique. Temporary drains may be placed to allow excess blood or fluid to drain out. External surgical scars are usually minimal unless other surgical procedures are involved. Preoperative therapy is important for education, relaxation, preoperative baseline measurements and improving tissue health. Skilled lymphatic drainage therapy prior to surgery will also improve the health of the abdominal and pelvic organs. Fat Transfers. Some procedures involve replacement of fat for cosmetic purposes in the buttocks or breasts. Massage therapy is not used to these areas unless recommended by the surgeon.

Tummy Tuck Surgery
Abdominal muscles may not always heal after pregnancy and delivery. Diastasis (separation) of these abdominal recti muscles is common. Simple exercises in early postpartum weeks can effectively heal diastasis but most women do not hear about these exercises until scarring and adhesions decrease the effectiveness of these exercises. Some women opt for surgical union of these muscles for cosmetic appearance or to prevent hernia complications. This surgery can be very invasive, painful and extended healing periods. Therefore, surgical massage therapy support can be very effective to maximize healing and reduce recovery time. Preoperative massage therapy is valuable for education, making a postoperative plan, assessment (including measurements), and therapy to optimize tissue and abdominal health prior to surgery. Postoperative therapy is progressive, supporting your healing needs appropriate to your stage of healing. Initial therapy may be energetic or light lymphatic drainage therapy. Therapy can progress to deeper lymphatic drainage, Myofascial release and scar healing therapy. Therapy for back and shoulder discomfort is usually indicated because of prolonged bedrest.

Bariatric and abdominal procedures may be inpatient or outpatient and are usually major surgeries. Recovery is complex and a skilled RN-Therapist can provide not only bodywork for optimum healing but the knowledge, skill and expertise to assess and treat the whole person.

Breast surgery is common and almost always impacts breast tissue health with scarring and adhesions. In addition, more invasive breast surgeries can affect immunity, tissue health and many body functions. Breast implants (augmentation), breast reductions (or lifts), lumpectomies and mastectomies are significant procedures and skilled therapy improves recovery and healing. Revive Therapy offers an RN-therapist with advanced training and certification for lymphatic drainage therapy and myofascial release. Steve Metzger, RN-CMT is also comfortable and competent with compassionate emotional support.

Breast Augmentation or Implants
Breast implants, augmentation and breast cosmetic surgeries are becoming quite common. Skilled therapy before and after surgery will promote healing and improve recovery. Although cosmetic surgeons are usually very skilled, even the most perfect surgeon leaves scars and adhesions on internal tissues. Surgical massage and lymphatic drainage therapy improv