Lymph Drainage Therapy

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Lymph Drainage Therapy

Advanced lymphatic drainage massage therapy using the Vodder and Chikly techniques is available at Revive Therapy.

Lymph drainage therapy is gentle therapy that improves health by activating the lymphatic system. Moving water within the body reduces swelling, improves immunity, decreases pain and promotes detoxification. It can also reduce congestion, clear sinuses and relieve headaches. This very light rhythmic therapy activates the internal bath of the body for cleansing and better health. Advanced lymphatic work can treat lymphedema and promote healing after surgery.

Lymph Drainage and Surgery

Lymphatic therapy is often recommended by cosmetic surgeons to decrease swelling and promote healing. Lymph drainage therapy is one the most effective therapies after surgery. Swelling and tissue congestion is expected with most surgeries. Manual lymphatic drainage not only decreases swelling but cleanses tissues and activates natural immunity. Scars and adhesions also benefit from lymphatic work. This therapy is critical when lymph nodes are removed during surgery.

Cosmetic surgeons often recommend lymphatic massage after liposuction, tummy tucks and breast surgery. [More…]


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