Medical Massage

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Medical Massage

Medical massage draws on medical science and integrates holistic bodywork to treat health conditions. These techniques can effectively treat problems with muscles, circulation, and the nervous, genitourinary and digestive systems. A holistic approach considers the whole body inviting improved health of the mind, emotions and spirit, as well as physical healing.

Western medicine offers miraculous treatment based on research, technology and advanced medical or surgical therapy. Unfortunately, medicine and surgery do not cure all health problems and may be symptomatic treatment at best, instead of curative. Holistic therapy is available at Revive Therapy that provides an alternative or complementary approach with advanced bodywork therapy that integrates the natural healing response of your body, mind and spirit. Western medicine very effectively diagnoses and treats many conditions but residual complaints often point to problems in the soft tissue and/or the mind-body component, including emotions. Holistic bodywork excels in treating these issues, thus being a great complement to Western medicine. If Western medicine has not resolved your health problems, consider therapy by Steve Metzger, RN-CMT who has over 40 years experience in healthcare. He has knowledge and experience from work in hospitals, medical offices and outpatient surgery, as well as over 10 years with advanced holistic bodywork.

Your body is a miracle of creation with an innate ability to heal many health problems and concerns. Western medicine is based on extensive research and development, which strives to label conditions with a diagnosis or disease classification with its corresponding treatment regimen. Focusing on a specific diagnosis or disease definition may be limiting because of the complexity of the body and interconnectedness of all systems in the body. Holistic therapy engages all body systems as well as the mind-body connection allowing deeper healing versus symptomatic treatment for stubborn health issues. Revive Therapy offers integration of holistic bodywork with medical knowledge and experience.

Stress may be the leading health risk in our society contributing to may concerns and illness. Stress has been correlated with disease and is also a predictor of disease. Activation of the stress hormone cortisol and other biochemicals create tension and strain on tissue and organs impairing health and function. Excessive stress creates residual tension stored in the tissue memory that affects the whole body. Sustained levels of high stress hormones can even damage brain cell function affecting healthy processing of stressful events. Myofascial release is very effective to suppress the sympathetic nervous system, thus allowing the body to relax and release stored tension. Revive Therapy specializes in healing through releasing stored physical and emotional stress,improving your health and function in a stressful world.

Myofascial Release (MFR) promotes deep healing, function and body balance by releasing stored stress, tension and trauma from the memory of the fascia and connective tissue. Fascia is essential for health vitality and function but restricted connective tissue fibers can cause pain, restricted mobility and affect all systems within your body. Myofascial release restores tissue health, balancing the body structure and function for natural healing and improved health. Many medical conditions are resolved without medication through this holistic approach that integrates the body, mind and emotional healing. Techniques used at Revive Therapy are the John F. Barnes methods. READ MORE...

Lymphatic Drainage Therapy is very light massage with the intention of moving water, reducing swelling, improving immunity and cleansing the body. It can also help with headaches, sinus congestion and other symptoms. It is very relaxing! Techniques used at Revive Therapy are the Vodder and Chikly methods. READ MORE...