Surgery Massage

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Surgery Massage

Therapy for Better Surgical Healing and Recovery

Expert holistic bodywork by a registered nurse therapist offers you effective therapy for optimum healing and recovery from your surgery. Massage techniques are integrated with advanced bodywork, such as Myofascial release and lymphatic drainage therapy for optimum results. Steve Metzger, RN-CMT has over 40 years experience working with patients in the hospital, medical offices and outpatient surgery centers. He also has extensive holistic bodywork training to support your healing and recovery. Start with a preoperative visit for assessment, relaxation and preparing your body for the best response during and after surgery. Begin your postoperative therapy right away to reduce pain and promote healing. Ongoing holistic bodywork brings you to optimum recuperation and function.

Prior to elective surgery is the best time to make plans for healing. Schedule your holistic work to support the surgical care in advance when possible. Start with preoperative education from your surgeon and learn the recommended protocols before and after surgery. Coordinate holistic therapy and schedule appointments to optimize your healing and recovery. Revive Therapy offers an RN-therapist who can guide you with the planning and care before and after surgery.

Preoperative holistic therapy prepares you and your body for the best surgical results. Select and meet your holistic therapist before surgery. Your consultation will include review of your health status and your surgical plans. Specific attention can be given to your surgical goals with an assessment that may include baseline measurements, as appropriate. Therapy may include relaxation and therapeutic work that will optimize surgical results

Postoperative holistic therapy will assist you and your body to heal from surgery with optimum recovery. Your holistic therapist will assess your health and progress in your recovery from surgery. Goals will be identified and your therapy will be customized for optimal recovery. Your postoperative treatment may include relaxation, pain relief and support for healing. Lymphatic drainage therapy massage is very light work that can mobilize fluids, improve immunity and encourage recovery with minimal pain. Myofascial release and other modalities can progressively support your comfort, mobility and healing needs. Expert work with surgical scars and adhesions is safe and effective for the best healing and function.

Scars and adhesions develop as part of your body’s natural healing process for most surgeries and injuries. These tissue restrictions can limit your movement and function as well as affect the function of adjacent tissue and organs. Scars and adhesions can be minimized with early treatment that is gentle and effective. Most surgical scars are stabilized six weeks after surgery and tolerate tissue mobilization. Older scars and adhesions can be reduced and treated with special techniques.

Holistic therapy supports the work of your surgeon by assisting you and your body to recover with the best results. Your therapist can assist with wound healing, pain management, relaxation and mobility so that you can return to your daily activities. Ongoing holistic maintenance is recommended to keep you in balance after you return to your daily routines. Many persons find that monthly appointments provide enough therapy for life balance, especially when complemented with self-care. You and your therapist can identify the best holistic maintenance program for your needs.

Lymphatic Drainage Therapy is very light massage with the intention of moving water, reducing swelling, improving immunity and cleansing the body. It can also help with headaches, sinus congestion and other symptoms. It is very relaxing! Techniques used at Revive Therapy are the Vodder and Chikly methods. READ MORE...

Myofascial Release (MFR) is used for pain relief, restoring tissue health and balancing the body structure for healing and better function. Surgery causes tension, tightness and adhesions in the body, which respond well to MFR. Techniques used at Revive Therapy are the John F. Barnes methods. READ MORE...