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Knowledgeable and Skilled

“Where do I begin? Steve is amazing. I have always dealt with anxiety and after one massage I was convinced massage therapy works. Steve is very knowledgeable in psychological/physiological aspects of the body. You also definitely get your moneys worth! If you pay for an hour you get an hour plus great advice to help you in whatever you’re trying to accomplish through massage therapy. He’s completely professional and you get the notion he genuinely wants to heal you. I’ve had massages before but never felt this comfortable and this good after a massage. I’m a college student and money is tight and he acknowledges that and works with me. Also if you have Kaiser there is a discount rate. I would recommend anyone to see Steve! 🙂 he is truly gifted!”
—Maria G. Sacramento, CA

Effective Treatment

“Steve’s massage was fabulous! It was without a doubt the best massage I have ever had, and I have had many.” — Debbie

“Steve is a definite professional. I felt 100% better, like a new person.” – Sandi (Certified Massage Therapist)

“I strained my back and was in pain for over a month. Steve gave me a thorough and soothing massage. He knew exactly where to knead and stretch the sore muscles.” – Pam

“Steve is, hands down, the best. His training as a nurse shows in his understanding of what is going on below the surface and how to make it better.” – Tom

Healing Hands

“This is hands down the best massage place I have ever gotten help from, not only me but Steve has helped my dad, husband, and also girls when they were in sports! You won’t be sorry! He really is a blessing to anyone who gets the privilege to experience his healing hands!” – Michael-Renee

Safe Hands

“For any woman skeptical about having a male masseuse, you need not worry when it comes to Steve. The combination of his nursing background, CMT training, and great personality make for a fantastic session.” – Nicole

“Steve showed a lot of concern for my comfort and personal preferences.” – Anne

“I was very relaxed, and the massage triggered some emotional stuff—providing a physical release. So the massage helped tremendously, both physically and emotionally.” – Melanie

Healing with Compassion

“Steve is a unique and gifted therapist. His uniqueness, I feel, is in his ability to intelligently combine different kinds of therapy in a cohesive way, while connecting on a personal, human level with compassion and wisdom. His many years of experience as an RN in a wide variety of healthcare environments has given him a mosaic of perspective, which allows him to bridge “traditional” and “nontraditional” ideas on health and healing. He listens carefully and responds thoughtfully to both verbal and physical cues. The energy that comes through his hands is strong and confident, while still warm and sensitive. When he is working with me, I feel cared for and safe, both physically and spiritually. Through his expert use of Myofascial release therapy, deep tissue and structural work, I’ve experienced, and continue to experience, profound emotional release, which is helping me to uncover lifetime distortions and core issues in a deep and meaningful way. My physical and emotional being are becoming more fluid and resilient. I’m extremely grateful for the work he does, the person and healer he is, and the impact he is having on my body and life.”- Debra

Pregnancy Massage

“I was having trouble moving during my pregnancy, so my husband got me a massage with Steve. After my first session, I was hooked. I left feeling relaxed and more flexible. Steve not only gave me wonderful massages but also gave me information on how I could increase my mobility between massage visits…I don’t want to think about what my pregnancy would have been like with Steve.” – Heather

Postpartum Massage

“I am a mother of twin boys. I only have great things to say about my postpartum massage experience with Steve. He is very professional and goes out of his way to make you feel comfortable and relaxed. As a result of carrying twins, I had postpartum diastasis (stomach muscle separation). Steve showed me how to do abdominal exercises that healed it.” – Julie

Sports Therapy

“Being an athlete often asks a lot of my body. It was a true pleasure to have a massage from Steve. His medical knowledge of the structure of the body and workings of all the muscle groups, plus his spot-on intuition and compassion, are an unbeatable combination.” – Tom

Professional Breast Therapy

My breasts seem softer and felt less tender after the breast massages” -Shirleen

“Steve’s many years of education and experience, combined with his amazing ability to put a person at ease […] I’m large chested and have breast cancer running in the family, so this work has preventative health benefits and a surprise benefit-my breasts looked perky and felt firmer!” –Marie

“Steve is wonderful and offers a service that is unique, respectful and healing. I feel absolutely safe and comfortable in his care and highly recommend him for those looking for lymphatic breast massage.” –Emily

“I was struggling with breastfeeding and developed mastitis. Steve helped relieve my pain and had great advice for increasing my milk supply.” -Jamie

“I have always had pain in my breasts {…} I have had two lumpectomies and a fine needle biopsy on another lump. I feel very fortunate to know Steve and about his passion for women’s health issues. The day after my first session I was amazed that I could remove my bra at the end of the day without ANY pain. I would highly recommend Steve and MFR to anyone experiencing breast health issues.” – Meghan

“I am blessed to have found Steve Metzger and truly amazed at how much he helped me! His techniques are gentle and very effective. In just one session the pain in my breast was gone. After a few sessions my breasts felt so much lighter and free as if they were brand new breasts. Little did I know that Steve’s work would be a quick, easy and inexpensive way to improve the appearance of my breasts without using surgery. Working with Steve also gave me peace of mind because my sister died of breast cancer and I had been really worried for my own health. I believe Breast Therapy is a powerful, preventative medicine and I hope more women can learn about this incredible tool to prevent breast cancer!” – Carolyn

“I feel like my boobs were reintegrated into my body from our session.” -Randii